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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > 2019 Photovoltaic: The rate of return is king

2019 Photovoltaic: The rate of return is king

the Internet 2019-03-16 11:39:29

It was learned from the Energy Consultation Network that although the subsidy policy did not land, the overall trend of domestic shopping malls has gradually become brighter. The first priority is clear. In 2019, PV projects can be divided into two categories, one is unsubsidized projects, and the other is subsidized projects. How will the development of photovoltaic stores in 2019 be, depending on how many shopping malls these two projects can bring.

From the perspective of enterprises, in addition to the demand for shopping malls, the project's rate of return is also a key factor in determining future development. What is the yield of PV projects in 2019?

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller

The rate of return is king

For the project's rate of return, we still need to analyze the unsubsidized and subsidized projects. First of all, from the perspective of subsidized projects, the policy of limiting the subsidy of 3 billion yuan is likely to be fulfilled. As a result, regardless of the installed capacity of the subsidized project, the income has almost been limited.

According to the new policy, in addition to poverty alleviation projects, household projects and a small number of demonstration projects, all other subsidized projects need to obtain the planning goals through bidding. The form of bidding acquisition planning objectives has always been adopted by the leader program, which means that the general project in 2019 has become "leaders."

In the two years before the study, the leader of the new low price has been bidding. This year's bidding for subsidized projects will also be very lively. It is precisely because of the existence of the bidding that the photovoltaic power generation of the front-runner project is forced to be even lower than the parity online standard, but at the same time, the yield of these projects has correspondingly dropped significantly.

From the experience of the front-runner project, we can foresee that the grid-connected price of photovoltaic power generation with subsidized projects will be lower and lower under the driving of the bidding form, and the cost of photovoltaic power generation will gradually be imposed on the price under the constraint of this price. Internet specifications. Therefore, unlike the previous fixed subsidies, the subsidy rate of subsidized projects in 2019 will drop sharply.

Therefore, under the control of the subsidy of 3 billion yuan and the control of the bidding form, the yield of subsidized projects will drop sharply until the money line is imposed. As a result, the size of its installed planning has little meaning.

From the perspective of unsubsidized projects, because such projects are not eligible for state subsidies, the rate of return is basically difficult to compare with subsidized projects. However, from the "Notice on Actively Promoting Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation without Subsidized Affordable Internet Access" issued in the previous period, the yield of non-subsidized projects depends to a large extent on the implementation of this policy.

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