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Photovoltaic poverty alleviation: 80% of the theoretical value of power generation capacity is insuf

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-15
Recently, the Development and Counseling Division of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office issued the “Circular on the Power Generation of Village-level Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Stations”, which is 15,696 village-levels that have been included in the first batch of national financial subsidies.Photovoltaic poverty alleviationThe power generation capacity of the power station is evaluated. In the power station participating in this evaluation, 37.1% of the power generation capacity of the power station lacks 80% of the theoretical value.

According to the "Circular", the time of this evaluation is from the date of power grid connection to November 30, 2018. Among them, there are 3,103 power stations with a power generation capacity of less than 80%, accounting for 19.8%, reaching 13 provinces (cities, districts); 1,761 power stations with a power generation capacity of less than 70%, accounting for 11.2%, reaching 12 provinces. (City, district); There are 959 power stations with power generation capacity below 60%, accounting for 6.1%, affecting 12 provinces (cities, districts).

Why are many PV poverty alleviation power stations having low power generation capacity? Is the measurement target of “power generation capacity” scientific and reasonable? With the fight against poverty and the entry into the “sprinting period”, what new problems will PV face poverty face?


Photovoltaic poverty alleviation

Operation and maintenance links focus on lack of

According to the "Circular", the main reasons for the low power generation capacity of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations are unqualified construction quality, unfulfilled responsibility of operation and maintenance, and inadequate operation and maintenance.

“In the poverty alleviation power station, many local areas have been rebuilding light pipes and not managing them. In the same area, why are there no such problems in commercial power stations? In the final analysis, the local responsibility for the operation and maintenance of poverty alleviation power stations is not in place.” Zhang Zhongsheng, the relevant person in charge of the Development and Rehabilitation Office of the Poverty Alleviation Office, indicated that following the completion of a number of photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, the post-operation and maintenance operations of the power stations should gradually attract attention. "If you invest a lot of money to build a power station, you must pay attention to the operation and maintenance operations everywhere. You must be able to take up this responsibility and take up the responsibility."

According to Chen, a person in charge of the enterprise who participated in the construction of excessive photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations, since most of the property rights belong to the local government after the completion of the photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station, in the later operation and maintenance, “the government is the master.” "Some local governments have sufficient financial resources, and they also pay more attention to photovoltaic poverty alleviation operations. They will hire special third-party operation and maintenance companies to carry out power station operation and maintenance; some locals will let the construction party or equipment manufacturers do a brief training after completion. Directly operated by local villagers. There will be very big differences in the effectiveness of the two."

Monitoring system needs to be further implemented

According to the "Circular", there are two ways to obtain power generation from photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations: first, using the national PV poverty alleviation information monitoring system; second, obtaining from local power grid companies. “The data of the monitoring system is actually imported from the grid company. From the point of view of power generation, there is no difference between the two.” But Zhang Zhongsheng stressed, “Now, according to the relevant requirements of the State Council’s Office of Poverty Alleviation, we are urging local governments to implement and The application of the PV poverty alleviation information monitoring system. The "Notice" also clearly stated that the application should be completed by the end of April this year."

Since the data are identical, what are the advantages of the PV Poverty Alleviation Information Monitoring System?

In this regard, Zhang Zhongsheng showed that the implementation of the monitoring system is also expected to allow the localities to pay attention to the operation and maintenance of the power station through technical means. "In addition to the actual power generation, the monitoring system will touch a series of data such as the fault condition of the power station and the irradiation status. This will not only represent the power generation, but also cater to the overall operation and maintenance needs of the power station in the system planning. According to Zhang Chongsheng, now, all localities are stepping up the implementation of the monitoring system. “The relevant training operations have been promoted in many regions. The photovoltaic power plants that have been built and qualified in this year are basically included in the national PV poverty alleviation information monitoring system.”


Solar Power StationThe Sun can generate system

The evaluation results are only a rough budget

It is worth noting that the evaluation results used the power generation capacity of the power station. According to the calculation method described in the Circular, the power stationPower generationCapacity = monthly cumulative practice power generation / theoretical power generation, of which, theoretical power generation = installed scale × local photovoltaic power generation equivalent hours of use × grid-connected power generation days / 365 days.

Zhang Zhongsheng said frankly that he has recently received feedback from some local governments and experts. There are certain rumors about this evaluation target and measurement method.

Indeed, some industry experts have indicated to reporters that the calculation methods in the Circular will have higher errors. "On the one hand, the scale of the evaluation is from the date of grid connection until November 30, 2018. The data of the evaluation is not one year of data; on the other hand, how to calculate the equivalent hours of local photovoltaic power generation? Clearly stated. "There are also operators of power station operation and maintenance enterprises that show that compared with the "power generation capacity" goal, "system efficiency (PR)" will more accurately represent the overall operation of the power station.

In response to the criticism of the calculation method, Zhang Chongsheng indicated that the result of this evaluation is only a rough budget, and the intention is to "awaken" to all localities. "Now, we only give an accounting formula, it is not very accurate. For example, some power plants have experienced two summers in this evaluation cycle. Because of the good lighting conditions, perhaps the power generation is more. On the contrary, some power stations are In this cycle, it happens that there are more months of poor illumination, and the results may be worse. There will be errors, but I think this error will not be too big. At least according to this calculation method, the power generation capacity is only 50% of the theoretical value. The power station is bound to have problems. It is necessary to go to the local area to check and correct."

Zhang Zhongsheng said: "In this "Notice", we did not specifically name the name. It is only internal supervision. It is expected that the current stage can attract local attention and focus on self-examination and self-correction. If the corresponding problem continues to be presented, The competent leaders will be interviewed. Of course, the basic intention of the interview is to expect local governments to focus on the operation and maintenance of the poverty alleviation power station and take up their duties."


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