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National Energy Administration releases 2019 PV subsidy budget

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-15
On April 12, the National Power Bureau issued "About Soliciting Wind Power in 2019,PVThe letter of construction of the notice on the relevant requirements (draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comments), clear 2019 photovoltaic projects (ground power stations, industrial and commercial distribution) can still obtain subsidies through bidding, household projects and poverty alleviation projects Grants are available without bidding, but there are planning restrictions.

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For the most concerned subsidy planning issues in the industry, the draft for comment shows that the total subsidy budget for new PV projects in 2019 is 3 billion yuan, of which 750 million yuan is for household photovoltaics (equivalent to 3.5 million kilowatts) and subsidized bidding projects are 2.25 billion yuan subsidy (excluding photovoltaic poverty alleviation) total project construction.

In this regard, the researcher of the Renewable Power Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Institute of Renewable Power, said that the industry must live within its means. In 2019, the total amount of project subsidy funds is 3 billion yuan. The project is classified and the funds are classified into blocks. In addition to the household PV subsidy of 750 million yuan, the 2.25 billion yuan support bidding project, after the batch is changed, the electricity price is sorted from low to high nationwide until it is cleared. Although the PV price policy for 2019 has not yet been released, the quotation is used to sort and sort, and the I, II, and III resource zones, as well as the different batches of general photovoltaic power plants and distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, have improved the economics and competitiveness of various projects in various regions. It is consistent with the previous benchmark electricity price and the draft of the draft symposium in February. There are connections and continuity.

In addition, the main points of the consultation draft are, in addition to household use of photovoltaics andPhotovoltaic poverty alleviationOutside the project, general photovoltaic power plants and distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are determined by competition equipment and electricity price subsidies; competition equipment is arranged by local, and the on-grid electricity price is sorted nationwide once a year; once again, the clear parity project is given priority, and the bidding subsidy project is followed; The conditions for the delivery of electricity are conditional; the clear construction period – the subsidy support project in 2019 needs to be connected to the grid within 2019, and the grid connection is delayed by up to two quarters, and the electricity price per quarter is reduced by 1 minute/kWh.


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