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Photovoltaic development is still an important market abroad

the Internet 2019-03-19 11:12:45
According to data released by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, the global newly added photovoltaic power generation capacity is 104.1GW in 2018, compared with 98.9GW in 2017, which only increased by 5.2GW. Compared with the previous years, the increase of 20GW and 30GW seems to be pitiful. However, if Lenovo's Chinese shopping mall, which accounts for half of the global PV shopping malls, is affected by the “531 New Deal” of photovoltaics, its new PV installed capacity in 2018 will be reduced by 9GW compared with 2017. It is not easy for global PV shopping malls to achieve such results.
In 2019, in the context of the rationalization of domestic PV shopping malls, foreign PV shopping malls will remain an important battlefield. However, comparing the proportion of PV manufacturing industry in the world, especially the proportion of PV modules in international shopping malls is 70%. Chinese enterprises are still lacking in the funding, planning, project handling and operation of foreign PV power plants.

From a global perspective, the tide of photovoltaic development covers not only the prosperous countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and Europe, but also the developing countries and regions in Mexico, the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia. In the prosperous countries and developing countries, because of the influence of various factors such as politics, law, and finance, the development and construction of photovoltaic projects, or EPC (construction of general contracting) are not the same, and the way of opening photovoltaic power plants is different.

“Foreign EPC projects have strong processing capabilities and financing capabilities. Domestically, the domestic PV EPC model application is not particularly large, because the cycle is short, the company’s financing and project financing cannot meet the development cycle requirements, so There is an urgent need for innovative business models.” On March 12th, at the 4th Photovoltaic Power Generation Planning, Engineering and Equipment Selection Seminar held in Hangzhou, China Power Construction Group East China Survey and Planning Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huadong Institute”) Deputy General Manager, Lei Ming said.

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According to reports, East China Institute in the 2018 in the international shopping malls newly signed PV total contracting projects reached 1.6GW, from the beginning of 2019 to now has signed more than 600MW of PV total contracting projects, mainly in Vietnam, Mexico and other developing countries.

From the perspective of planning and engineering contracting, the photovoltaic construction period is short, the resource input intensity is large, the capital is intensive, and the demand for APP development is diverse. It is attributed to the flexible production customization, planning, manufacturing and engineering processing projects. However, the other side of the coin is the low threshold of photovoltaics, low skill difficulty, strong imitation, high price, and fierce competition, which is particularly significant in the EPC bidding of developing countries.

A domestic PV power plant project owner complained: “Some survey and planning institutes report low prices and are extremely extreme. A mountain photovoltaic project even reported a price of 0.015 yuan/Wp. Sometimes we don’t worry, we still have to Organize a few people to stare."

It is understood that the East China Institute has now been transformed into an engineering company, accounting for only 20% of the annual planning tasks.

On the contrary, Zhejiang Zhengtai New Energy Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengtai New Energy”), the largest private PV power producer in China, has focused its attention on thriving countries.

It is understood that in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States and other prosperous countries, Chint New Energy adopts the model of development, construction and sale, closes the financing with the completion of local banks and financial institutions, and seeks local funds to sell the project to the local area. Funds, supply the corresponding engineering contract, planning, and equipment supply services.

Regarding the development of photovoltaic power plants overseas, Luchuan, the president of Zhengtai New Energy, informed the reporter of “Energy”: “The legal framework for prospering countries is clear, the funders are well maintained, and the conditions of developing countries look very good, the electricity prices are very high, but whether it can be cashed is A big problem. Recently, Chint New Energy has participated in EPC projects in Central and Eastern European countries Romania and Bulgaria, India, Thailand, South Africa, etc., and the actual operation has also encountered a lot of risks. For example, the Bulgarian government has defaulted, Romanian Green Card Not fulfilled, South Africa's first round of bidding won the bid for high electricity prices, but the South African power company is now close to bankruptcy, unable to pay for electricity. So we are still doing development in prosperous countries as much as possible."

Lu Chuan also made up: "On the developing countries, such as the Middle East, we will directly participate in the bidding, not to be the owner, but to participate in the small shares, so that EPC can get a better price and avoid low-price competition."

In addition, it is worth mentioning that overseas projects are started after the financing is closed, which means that the loans are now in place and distributed by nodes. At each node, the bank will not be able to reach the corresponding level regardless of whether the project is carried out. Issued.

However, this process is very demanding on data and the requirements are very good. These materials include environmental protection, personal safety of workers, etc. For example, in a project in the Middle East, the European Bank for Reconstruction requires an expert called EHS to write a statement of employee accommodation conditions and construction conditions every week.

Domestic EPC companies do not do well in preparing materials. If there is no good information at the time of the node, it will involve short-term funding, but the domestic EPC project is fully funded, and the situation is relatively good.

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