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Photovoltaic power generation boosts income to fight poverty

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-19
The reporter recently learned from Yunnan Power Grid Corporation that the company has actively carried out active power generation control of new power plants and closed-loop control of new power clusters by actively carrying out research on the new power cluster consumption technology of plateau mountains. The results of the study were used in the dispatching of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture and 22 new power stations. The problem of local transmission channel blockage and limited transmission of new power generation was solved. The cumulative new power generation capacity was 885.4 million kwh, and the direct economic benefit reached 468 million yuan. .

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According to reports, the total reserves of wind energy resources in Yunnan are 1,229 million kilowatts, and the total reserves of solar energy resources with good development value are 464 billion megajoules per year. The theoretical reserves of hydraulic resources are over 100 million kilowatts. The development and utilization prospects are considerable. However, the common plateau mountainous terrain in Yunnan has brought great difficulties to the new power consumption. Taking Dali Prefecture as an example, hydropower, wind power, photovoltaics and other clean power are enriched. In the long run, 51 wind farms can be planned to be built, with a total installed capacity of 5,384,750 kilowatts. The planned installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation is 1.434 million kilowatts. In addition, Dali is located in the six state (city) power transmission hubs in western Yunnan, and the inner diameter flow hydropower station in the jurisdiction is characterized by “multiple, small, and scattered”. The conventional power and the new power electric field are quite representative. Yunnan Power Grid Corporation actively carried out research on the new power cluster consumption technology of plateau mountainous areas. Through the construction of a new power regulation system, the key technologies of new dynamic dynamic cluster division method, plateau mountain new power prediction and advanced control strategy were discussed. The utilization rate of the delivery channel has been improved, and the problem of new power consumption in the plateau mountainous area has been dealt with.

Up to now, the research project has requested 8 invention patents, 2 authorizations, 4 utility model patents, and 10 papers. The project passed the appraisal of the provincial appraisal organization and reached the international leading level.


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