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Photovoltaic New Deal is about to be released

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-18

On April 11th, the National Power Bureau issued a document on the solicitation of wind power in 2019.PVThe Notice on the Construction of the Relevant Requirements (Draft for Comment) officially opened the country in 2019.PhotovoltaicThe curtain of the mall. Although the official documents have not yet been issued, the general direction of the PV industry's handling policy in 2019 has been set.

According to the National Electric Power Bureau's "Working Plan for Promoting Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation without Subsidized Internet Projects (Consultation Draft)", the requirements of the competent departments of the provinces shall submit the equipment and operation plan for the national subsidy project competition before May 31. It is understood that the national large ranking is estimated to be launched in early June.


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The preparatory work for the proposed subsidy project needs to be launched quickly.

Regardless of whether it is a distributed or ground power station, the "Draft for Comment" requires the implementation of the consumption and land (location) in the application materials for the national subsidy project for photovoltaic power generation. Under the background of the national bidding, it can be certain that there are not many time to leave the capital enterprises to do the preliminary work.

Before the allocation of the subsidy list by the National Power Bureau, there is also a policy to release the digestive moment and the provincial power authority to issue a list of the proposed new projects, the provincial power authority to confirm the project owner and the expected on-grid tariff, and the provincial implementation summary submission subsidy. A series of operations such as projects and supporting conditions, the above preparations will be completed in about 1-2 months.

In addition to the early implementation of land and consumption needs, the reversal of electricity prices during the year also put forward requirements for grid connection deadlines.

According to the previous drafts of the Exposure Draft, in order to urge the photovoltaic power station to be completed quickly, the photovoltaic power generation projects included in the 2019 state-provided area should be completed and connected to the grid at the end of the quarter of the declared estimated production time. On-grid, the price of electricity will be reduced by 1 cent per quarter in the past quarter, and the grid will not be completed within two quarters after the quarter of the declaration.

From the point of view of the investment company's point of view, the demand is as early as possible to put the project's declaration into production. If the ratio and indicators are implemented to specific projects, it may be more than half in 2019. For the funded enterprises, there are six months left to complete all the operations from the execution of the project to the construction, which is especially tense.

Along with this, if domestic demand is released in the second half of the year, and the traditional peak season of overseas shopping malls, the price of the industrial chain will also increase, which will directly affect the project's capital contribution rate. Therefore, the project needs to declare the subsidy to quickly start the preparatory work.


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Prepare homework and risk management

First, the household photovoltaic power station is undoubtedly launched. Under the condition that the annual master plan (750 million yuan of subsidy funds) has been set, the sooner the grid-connected project enters the state, the greater the probability of entering the country.

On the day of the publication of the draft for comment, a photovoltaic company launched the recruitment of sales personnel in various regions. After 531 of the previous year, the dealer chain of some enterprises broke, and domestic household shopping malls want to reproduce the “prosperity” before 531, and perhaps still need a moment.

However, from the recent developments of some household dealers, many companies have realized that “the moment is the installed capacity”, the holding of the China Merchants Association, the restart of the PV loan business, the recruitment of partners... all kinds of indications for domestic household use. The mall is now starting.

Secondly, from the point of view of bidding rules, the lower declared electricity price for industrial and commercial distributed projects that use self-supplemented surplus electricity can compete with the ground power station under equal conditions. Some people in the industry think that this will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of reporting such distributed PV power plant projects, but this is in fact the same as the bidding form when there is a bid ceiling price.

A large number of distributed industrial and commercial enterprises are launching pre-related operations of the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power station projects that participated in the bidding this year without subsidies, and most of the distributed power plants that are currently unable to pass the unsubsidized standard measurement. The funded enterprise program is “first put aside”.

For those who have just entered the mall or who are in urgent need of expanding their installed plans, project buying is one of the most useful ways to achieve the policy. In fact, some of the power stations that are now being sold due to various pressures are now the target of such participants.

At the moment, the advantages of platform companies with distributed resources are also highlighted. This is one of the best partners for funded companies, and it is also convenient for them to quickly select the power plants that meet the requirements.

Third, the ground-based photovoltaic power plants with a large amount of preparatory work in the early stage are also urgently needed to be “moved”. Regarding the new project, if the pre-operations are started after all the details are clear, it will inevitably lead to delays in the project. “We have now launched relevant preliminary work, and land, consumption and development agreements are necessary and The approval of the other requirements, the implementation rules have come out,"

It is understood that the site selection of the site selection and sensitive characteristics, access to the grid access data, etc., the photovoltaic system power plant front-end procedures also need about one month to complete. It is especially important to prepare for the early stage in order to compete for the project as soon as possible and to obtain the expected subsidized electricity price.

Similar to distributed shopping malls, power station buying is also one of the best ways to increase power, especially for stock projects that have completed pre-operations and obtained grid access. This part of the project will undoubtedly save a lot of preparatory work, and the construction progress and grid connection time are also guaranteed.

It is worth noting that this year, in addition to household use, photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, other projects will be one of the conditions for inclusion in the national subsidy, and it is particularly important for all local power grids to absorb whether to carry out projects. However, the current national policy tendencies are also very obvious. The parity project is the highest priority type of consumption, including the stock project transfer price and the new parity project, so the owners need to focus on the local grid's consumption capacity.


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