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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Construction of a 102 MW photovoltaic project in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Construction of a 102 MW photovoltaic project in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

the Internet 2019-04-19 14:43:49
According to the developer’s statement, Tokyo Pacifico Energy is workingJapanHyogo Prefecture installed a solar project that will generate 125 TWh of electricity per year. Pacifico Energy will sell the intended power to Kansai Electric Power Company for a 20-year period at a feed-in tariff of 24 yen ($0.21).

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MUFG Bank provided loans for the 102.144MW (DC) project, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities served as financial advisor, and Baker Mckenzie's Tokyo office provided legal advice for the deal.

Pacifico Energy has promised to build 930MW at 11 addresses in JapanSolar energy, including the Ako project. Four of the 227MW projects are already supplying power to the grid. Pacifico recently purchased a 36.2 MW solar project at two addresses in Yamagata and Yamaguchi Prefectures, after completing a fundraising event of 15.5 billion yen in 2018.

In February 2018, the company completed the 96.2MW project in Miyazaki Prefecture, completed the 56.9MW solar project in Miyagi Prefecture in 2016, and the 42MW, 32.3MW project in Okayama Prefecture. In August of this year, Pacifico began a 112MW project in Wake, Okayama Prefecture, and a 72MW installation in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture.

Pacifico also joined the field of wind power development last year. Last month, the company revealed that it is advancing an environmental impact assessment from a wind power generation near the coast of Wakayama Prefecture.


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