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PV installation growth in 2019 far exceeded expectations

the Internet 2019-03-27 17:10:19
“The most impressive impression left by the photovoltaic profession in 2018 is that many of the projects in the third batch of runners’ bases have hit new lows, far exceeding expectations. This gives the profession a boost, government management and companies. They are discussing the possibility of entering the parity era in advance.” On March 12, Liu Yiyang, deputy secretary-general of China Photovoltaic Professional Association, showed at the 4th Photovoltaic Power Generation Planning and Equipment Selection Symposium.

It is reported that this conference was hosted by China Photovoltaic Professional Association, photovoltaics, professional experts, business representatives and many other guests at the policy interpretation, photovoltaic power plant planning and equipment selection, product and system optimization progress, project management Topics such as sharing and development of overseas PV power plants were discussed and shared.

In January of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Power Bureau issued the "Notice on Actively Promoting Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation without Subsidized Internet Access"; since mid-February, the National Power Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and photovoltaic professional-related enterprises, Experts and associations have held briefings and symposiums on a number of occasions. They are seeking to see the upcoming 2019 photovoltaic power generation construction management measures. This series of actions has boosted the PV companies that once suffered the “cold wave” after the “531” New Deal. determination.


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Subsidy projects are still preferred

"In 2019, for the photovoltaic industry, it is a transitional year from the beginning to the next. On the one hand, it must undertake the change after the formal adjustment in 2018. On the other hand, it must control the subsidy demand for the new plan, and continue to work toward the unsubsidized and affordable Internet. Stepping in." A number of corporate leaders indicated.

According to the latest announcement of the plan, the New Deal will divide the photovoltaic power generation projects into two categories based on the “whether it is necessary to subsidize”; together, focus on market orientation, implement subsidized projects, implement competitive equipment, and adhere to the price competition mechanism. The equipment for the target planning of each province should also use competitive means.

Although the New Deal has not yet been introduced, the bidding ceiling price for centralized power stations in the three types of resource areas has not yet been confirmed, but the industry has agreed with the plan.

“Different areas have different sunshine resources, and it is reasonable to use it as a competition standard.” Lu Chuan, president of Zhejiang Zhengtai New Power Development Co., Ltd., said, “No matter what kind of bidding method is finally implemented, it will be beneficial to the development of the whole profession and contribute to different skills. The development of the route, on the cost of electricity, on the hero."

“The power administration department adopts the method of walking on two legs and promotes the planning of the original subsidized project together, and vigorously promotes the construction of the affordable project.” The deputy director of the Renewable Power Development Center of the National Development and Reform Commission Dynamic Research Institute showed that “it is estimated now, In 2019, the new installed capacity plan for the PV poverty alleviation and front runner base project will be around 9 GW, and the bidding for general industrial and commercial and above-ground power stations will account for 36-38 GW, while the parity project will not have the expectation of green card trading income this year. Maybe not big, about 2-3 GW."

This is consistent with corporate planning. Lu Chuan leaked: "Based on the previous experience of building a leader base project, we first selected bids for the top-runner base supplement project, and then participated in the bidding project, and finally selected to participate in the parity base project."


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