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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Northwest PV daily power generation reaches 200 million kilowatts

Northwest PV daily power generation reaches 200 million kilowatts

the Internet 2019-03-27 17:17:10
On March 26, it was learned from the Northwest Branch of the State Grid that since March, the daily PV power generation in Northwest China has reached a new high for six consecutive times. On March 23, the daily PV power generation exceeded 200 million kWh, reaching 20004. At 10,000 kWh, the level of photovoltaic power generation in the northwest has entered a new stage.


It is understood that since the fourth quarter of 2018, the installed capacity of Northwest PV has increased by 2.21 million kilowatts, and the demand for power generation space at noon has continued to rise. In March, multiple factors have a greater impact on new power consumption. First, with the recent closure of the Yellow River anti-peak period, the flow of the Yellow River cascade reservoirs has gradually increased, and the peak of the whole network can continue to decline. Second, the spring maintenance of the whole network. At the beginning of the dense cloth, power outage maintenance affects the transportation ability of key sections, and re-power to eliminate the dilemma; thirdly, the UHV Jiquan and Zhaoqi DC have successively stopped the operation, and the new power is restricted from being dispatched across the district.
In response to the above problems, the Northwest Electric Power Control Sub-center has taken multiple measures to promote new power consumption and exert a good new dynamic flexible scheduling mechanism. The new power forecast on the 23rd is grade B (medium-upper level), and the whole network will be powered. The reserve will be lowered by 2 million to 4 million kilowatts to pre-empt the new power, and at the same time adjust the 750 kV Qailine II line power outage time that affects the new power transmission section, reducing the disadvantage of equipment maintenance for new power consumption. influences. Reasonablely advocate, actively strive for national adjustment to optimize the cross-region DC curve, increase DC as the new power peaking, and integrate the cross-region DC into the Northwest Power Grid to further increase the reserve coordination. At the same time, using the means of shopping malls, vigorously arrange various types of buying and selling to promote new power consumption. During the 23rd day of PV generation, we actively carried out 24 cross-provincial services and cross-regional DC spot trading, and issued new power generations of 11.68 million kWh. .

It is estimated that in 2019, the newly installed capacity of the new power of the Northwest Power Grid will exceed 10 million kilowatts. It is very difficult to continue to realize the significant decline in the new power abandonment. In the next step, the Northwest Branch will continue to intensify its efforts to make innovations, and will continue to meet the new situation of the new power consumption in 2019.


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