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Korea International Green Energy Exhibition held

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-04
On April 3, Korea World Green Power Exhibition was held at the Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center in South Korea. It is reported that the exhibition is the largest solar energy in Korea.Exhibition.

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The exhibition was jointly organized by the Korean Sunlight Association, the Korea New Regeneration Power Association, the Korea Power News Agency and other government departments and authorities. Since its establishment in 2004, it has developed into the largest solar energy exhibition in Korea. It is one of the world's top ten solar energy exhibitions selected by PHOTO, the authoritative magazine of the photovoltaic industry, and attracts nearly 300 companies from more than 20 countries around the world.

“According to the lack of resources in Korea and the high demand for high-efficiency components in shopping malls, this exhibition exhibited 'Panda' double-sided power generation components, 72 multi-gate single-gate, polycrystalline high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, and the face show.” Product director introduced, “Panda "The combined power of the double-sided power generation component reached 24.6%. In China's first photovoltaic "leader" demonstration project, 50 MW of ground power stations all use Yingli "Panda" double-sided power generation products. According to the latest power station inspection monthly report, With the installed capacity of the power station, the "Panda" power station has the highest power generation.

It is understood that in addition to traditional power plants, South Korea's photovoltaic shopping malls also involve floating systems, small photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic + agriculture, photovoltaic building integration and other projects. "In the future, we will continue to promote high-quality development with innovation, rely on the five national-level development platforms, continue to lead the creative direction of photovoltaic technology and conduct a powerful exploration in the field of 'photovoltaic + intelligence power', laying the foundation for further opening up the world shopping mall. Said the person in charge.

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