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It is predicted that the global battery storage capacity will reach 140 GWh in 2025.

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-16
At the "12th China World Lead-Acid Battery Expo" held on April 1st, energy storage skills were used as a highlight of the event. Tianneng Group, Leoch World, Aoguan Battery and many other companies exhibited. The energy storage skills use products and solutions, which were widely valued by the guests.

"Energy storageIt is an indispensable key link for the infiltration of renewable power planning and the intelligent development of traditional power. World authorities have speculated that by 2025, the global battery storage capacity plan will exceed 140 GWh, which is 20 times that of the time. "Zhejiang Nandu Power Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as Nandu Power) said in a research report submitted at the "12th China World Lead Battery Summit Forum" held concurrently that lithium battery storage is the mainstream in the global battery energy storage category. However, in the large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage projects, lead carbon batteries account for the largest proportion, and the proportion is growing, which will be the main battlefield of lead storage batteries in the energy storage category. "Li Shi World Skills Co., Ltd. (referred to as Leoch World) Chairman Dong Li believes that the use of energy storage skills has become a hot spot for battery stores. "Next, the development of battery energy storage safety specifications will become the focus of professional attention. "Nandu Power Supply responsible person proposed.

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Battery storage ushers in a wide shopping mall space

“It’s doubtful that with clean and intelligent power construction, battery storage has now ushered in a wide space for shopping malls.” Dong Li said that the narrow battery storage capacity refers to the large-scale power station level in the renewable power category. Electrochemical energy storage, household or portable energy storage. Among them, the power storage at the power station level was mainly based on lithium ion and lead carbon batteries.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical economy of the lithium battery energy storage system, the competitive advantage of the shopping mall has been highlighted, and its installed planning has been continuously set a new record. "According to statistics, from the global distribution of battery energy storage skills, lithium storage capacity accounted for more than 70% in the past three years. In the United States, lithium storage capacity accounted for more than 95%." Nandu Power Research Report said.

"Although the existing installed capacity of lithium battery storage is large, it is undeniable. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries or traditional lead-acid batteries, lead-carbon batteries have significant advantages in terms of price and PSOC cycle function." It seems that as a kind of lead-acid battery, the characteristics of lead-carbon battery are stable, safe, and large-capacity.batteryIrreplaceable, it has outstanding advantages in microgrid and household grid energy storage, optical storage integration, SPS shopping malls (storage UPS), large-scale industrial and commercial energy storage, and recovery and utilization.

Dong Li also introduced that there are still differences between domestic and foreign in terms of the actual use of energy storage skills. He introduced the project of Leoch World as an example: “Leoch World focuses on energy storage batteries, and its products are sold to more than 110 countries and regions around the world. Now, the first delivery in the country is the lead charcoal energy storage project, including the national grid Jinzhai key. Photovoltaic power generation R&D project, Guizhou University energy storage research demonstration project, Sichuan Ganzi light transmission project, etc. The projects delivered overseas are more using lithium-ion battery solutions."

It is understood that Leoch World's primary goal of PSOC cycle life and charge acceptance capability for lead-carbon batteries independently researched and developed by energy storage malls is at the leading level, providing customized products and services. At the same time, the world of Leoch is also increasing the R&D investment and construction of lithium-ion energy storage technology to more effectively compete in overseas shopping malls. “With the new power building, the Leoch World will increase its investment in battery storage and make long-term strategic planning.”

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Lithium battery charge controller, solar controller, 100a solar controller

Battery storage safety specification system needs to be improved

“The energy storage industry is developing rapidly, and it is necessary to speed up the construction of the domestic battery energy storage safety standard system.” The responsible person of Nandu Power stressed that the global safety regulation system for battery energy storage is being formed, but the standardization speed is generally behind the energy storage. The speed of industrial development, domestic related norms are still missing. This has now become an important factor limiting the development of the battery energy storage industry.

In terms of three energy storage malls with relatively complete policies, relatively sophisticated shopping malls, and early promotion of shopping malls - the United States, Europe, and Japan, the construction of lithium-ion energy storage projects is relatively slow in the United States, and fire safety is the primary resistance. one. In Germany, although the government does not limit the use of battery energy storage systems, it is also clear that although the energy storage malls tend to be sophisticated, the standardization of safety rules is still to be followed up. In Australia, off-grid battery system installation specifications, including household use, are now in place, but there are still concerns that these specifications are now far behind the fast-growing battery energy storage skills themselves.

Taking lithium battery energy storage skills as an example, nowadays, Europe and North America are in a dominant position in the formulation of safety regulations for lithium battery energy storage. The leading IEC, UL, UN and other specifications are widely used. Compared with foreign countries, the safety regulation of lithium battery energy storage in China is relatively lagging behind. The relevant national regulations mainly include two specifications such as power station planning norms. The local regulations mainly have three specifications such as charging station system planning norms. The Chinese Academy of Electric Power has been launched. Fire fighting system skills specifications and other specifications. "But the safety planning of domestic lithium battery energy storage modules/systems, the safety management of power stations, and the fire protection specifications of energy storage battery systems are still missing. The safety evaluation specifications in the life cycle of lithium batteries are still to be further improved." Nandu Power Research Report pointed out .

"At that time, the development of lithium battery energy storage safety specifications gradually extended from covering only batteries and batteries to the level of energy storage systems. The safety specifications were gradually approaching the extreme use environment, and the requirements were becoming more and more demanding. The specification system was gradually formed. It is a necessary stage for the lithium battery energy storage career to gradually become more sophisticated. For other battery energy storage skills, the same is true." Nandu Power related person in charge said.


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