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Forced installation of smart inverters in Victoria's household system from July 1

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-17
From July 1, 2019, Victoria's $1.3 billion Solar Homes program will force users to install roofing units.Smart inverter.

Victorian Power Minister Lily D 'Ambrosio said that the smart inverter can ensure that the Victorian grid can safely and stably absorb 1 million new long-faced rooms in the next 10 years. The amount of power generated at the top.

Launched in August of last year"Household solar energyThe program provides a maximum of $2,225 for a single photovoltaic system. In addition, early users of solar panels can expand their original PV systems, including energy storage systems.

Ambrosio also said that smart inverters can enable Australian power store operators (AEMO) to more accurately predict grid volatility, which is critical because of the current rapid growth of photovoltaic roofing capacity in Australia, its integrated input The power shake has put pressure on the reliability of the entire grid.

What is: "Intelligent Inverter"?

According to the Victorian Ministry of Power, the new smart inverters surpass the minimum safety regulations of the solar industry. However, the specifications issued by the Labor Party are not clear on the difference between smart inverters and regulated inverters. Fortunately, Victoria Solar Company told the mall to recruit a device manufacturer, there are some introductions about smart inverters, which can let people know one or two. According to the new rules, smart inverters need to strengthen some functions to prevent The "island effect" occurred during the power outage. When the PV system is in normal operation and continues to supply power to the grid during power outages, the “island effect” will occur, which may damage the grid infrastructure and endanger the electric workers trying to solve the problem.

From July 1st, the inverters installed in the home solar system need to comply with the international standard IEC 62116, which is a test procedure for measuring inverter island protection measures.

Relevant notices are primarily based on the safety rules of the home solar program.

Obviously, the Labor Party is eager to prevent accusations of hurried and mismanagement of home solar programs. Kevin Rudd, the former Labor Party’s prime minister, has aroused industry’s hot debate over the night’s $2.8 billion housing insulation scheme, which has also promoted a The establishment of the Royal Commission of Inquiry was due to the immoral employer employing untrained workers to install insulation equipment, resulting in four deaths.

Thus, the bulletin on the smart inverter comes with a “skill road map”. This is to gradually improve the quality of Victorian solar skills. The notice is a remedy for the safety certification practices of household PV installers and retailers, and an industry code of conduct is included in the notice.

The Sun can generate system Smart inverter

Victoria's home solar solution breaks through 30,000 users

Before the end of the fiscal year, the Victorian government's home solar program had only 2,000 grant applications. The Andrews government said that this figure means that more than 30,000 households have signed a PV system installation subsidy agreement. This program was launched in August 2018, providing each household with a photovoltaic system with a supply of 2,225 Australian dollars or 50% of the system, such as a 4KW system, an ordinary family can save nearly 900 Australian dollars a year in electricity. According to the government, since the launch of the previous year, the home solar program has saved about 21 million Australian dollars in electricity costs for Victoria.

For more than a decade, Victoria's solar subsidy program will expand to 770,000 homes. This is not only a matter of lowering electricity bills, but also a huge boost to Victoria's emissions policy.

By 2025, home solar power is estimated to generate 12.5% ​​of the state's 40% renewable power policy, which will cut Victoria's more than 4 million tons of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to stopping carbon emissions from 1 million of Victoria's 4.6 million vehicles.

Smart inverter Inverter factory

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