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Your position: Home > News > Company News > I-Panda provides a 15KW photovoltaic off-grid power generation system for a hotel in Laos

I-Panda provides a 15KW photovoltaic off-grid power generation system for a hotel in Laos

i-panda i-panda 2020-12-25 09:46:57

一、Installation location: a hotel in Laos

二、Installation time: November 2020
三、System configuration:
  1.Solar panel power: 365W, 40 pieces, total: 14600W
  2.Battery: 20 12V 250AH
  3.Solar controller: I-Panda Galaxy-240V 60A series MPPT controller 1
  4.Inverter: 20KW

四、 install the roof

五、 inverter/battery

六、The overall system diagram after installation

七、 investment income comparison

After the owner installs the I-Panda MPPT controller monitoring software solarmate APP on the mobile phone, he can see the operating status of the entire solar system directly on the mobile phone;

There are two main reasons why the owner installs the solar off-grid power generation system:
1. Because the local power supply is unstable, power outages are often encountered, which is a headache for a hotel, and it also brings a very bad experience to the customers who come to the hotel to stay;Directly cause a lot of economic losses to the hotel, so at least the most basic equipment used by the hotel must be able to operate normally during a power outage;
2. Provide electricity to the hotel's electrical equipment through the solar power generation system, reduce the hotel's electricity bill support, and install the customer to provide revenue. The total investment of the system is about 70,000 yuan, and the average revenue: 70 yuan/day. All investment can be recovered within three years ;