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10 times new energy --- lithium battery + photovoltaic

i-panda i-panda 2020-12-25 10:56:01

Lithium battery: In recent years, the power lithium battery industry and related industrial chains have also entered a stage of rapid development. With continuous breakthroughs in technology and technology, basically all the production links of lithium batteries have been localized, and accompanied by R&D systems and management The continuous improvement of product quality and production efficiency are also constantly optimizing, so the cost of batteries is also decreasing year by year. For example, the CTP of CATL and BYD blade batteries can significantly reduce production costs and further meet the needs of market users.

Photovoltaic: PV has achieved parity on the grid. The 14th Five-Year Plan disclosed in the previous period also puts forward higher goals for the development of the photovoltaic industry. In addition to domestic and overseas demand, the demand for photovoltaic power generation in Europe and the United States is also great. After all, controlling carbon emissions is a common global goal.

Based on the improvement of the above market, the company also synchronizes this to the application of the controller. Users can not only set the use of lithium batteries on the controller, but also add a lithium battery activation function to further meet the needs of users and the market.

At the same time, in order to better promote the use of new energy, enhance the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, and to let customers better understand the company’s products, we plan to promote Douyin live broadcast and record innovative small videos, let us explore the new energy trip.

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