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Excellent project helper

i-panda i-panda 2020-12-24 09:35:46

in recent years, more and more projects are looking for stable high-power controllers. We have been committed to developing efficient and stable controllers. Until 2020, this has become our advantage. The most significant one is our high-power galaxy. Let's explore what different experience galaxy can bring to customers.

The maximum system voltage of this galaxy can reach 384v, which can meet the requirements of high stability and efficiency of many projects. It was also the first controller to enter the Xinjiang Military Region of China, providing a lot of convenience to the local people. It is a reliable helper for large projects and a source of profit for small projects.

From the function point of view, in addition to the simple and flexible operation method, galaxy can also support the parallel use of multiple computers. At the same time, it can use Bluetooth and WiFi for remote monitoring, and view and change the setting data of the controller at any time.

From the perspective of structure, this high-power galaxy looks like small E (esmart --- 20A-60A, 12-48v auto). The internal parts are IGBT modules imported from Europe and the United States. The external fan is used for heat dissipation, which reduces the production cost and is more suitable for dry places.

At present, many projects support the use of our high-power galaxy, because of  its high stability, which can bring a stable and reliable income to customers and win your projects.

If you want to choose a controller, you should choose IPADNA!