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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Hawaii State is expected to increase 1.378GWh energy storage project

Hawaii State is expected to increase 1.378GWh energy storage project

2019-04-20 11:13:03
HeadquartersHawaiiHawaiian Power Company of Honolulu, the state of Colorado, expects to add 1,378 MWh of energy storage capacity and 135 MW of solar power to its grid by 2022 to compensate for the loss of power generated by the two fossil fuel power plants that are closed and to increase the state. Close to 100% renewable power target.


Energy storage,solar energy generation

The company indicated that it has submitted a draft Phase II Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission for inspection and approval. The Hawaiian Power Company is expected to issue a Final Request for Proposal (RFP) in June this year. The first batch of projects is expected to go live in 2022, subject to approval.

By 2024, the state of Hawaii will close the OES coal-fired power plant in Oahu and the Kahulu fuel-fired power plant in Maui, which will cut 220 MW of fixed power.

In 2015, Hawaii became the first state in the United States to pass the 100% Renewable Power Act. The bill requires all of the utility's utility, the Hawaiian Power Company, to reach the 100% Renewable Portfolio Specification (RPS) by 2045.

In 2018, the company's survey report concluded that the Recyclable Portfolio Specification (RPS) was 27%, which is 3% lower than the next mandatory Renewable Portfolio Specification (RPS) implemented in 2020.

To complete the next milestone and accelerate the transition to 100% renewable power, Hawaiian Power Company began an ambitious procurement program last year and announced details of its next phase.

On April 3, the company outlined the second phase of its procurement program. According to a statement issued by it, Hawaiian Power Company expects to add 295 GWh of renewable power generation and 1378 MWh to three islands.Energy storagecapacity. The company showed that the renewable power generation is equivalent to 135 MW of solar power.


solar energy generation

The company indicated that the second phase of the tender will be open to all renewable power and energy storage resources, including solar, wind power, renewable power +Energy storage, independent energy storage, and grid services.

The second phase was based on the first phase of the previous year, during which the company negotiated eight project contracts in its area of ​​service. Five of the eight projects have now been approved by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission and will add a total installed capacity of 247 MW by the end of energy generationEquipment and energy storage capacity of nearly 1GWh.

Hawaii Electric Company spokesperson Peter Rosegg said, “After the operation and the projects being built (including the first and second phase of the proposal), we are determined to go beyond the 30% milestone in 2020 and will surpass 40% milestone in 2030. This reflects our power supply improvement program.” He said that if all goes well, it is estimated that the 100% Renewable Portfolio Specification (RPS) will be reached by 2045.

The Hawaiian Power Company program will shut down several fossil fuel power plants in the near future, but the addition of renewable power and energy storage systems is not enough.

In September 2022, the Hawaiian Power Company announced its decision to close the AES Hawaii coal-fired power plant on Oahu. The 180 MW power plant is now the largest power generation facility in the Hawaiian power company, and is able to satisfy 16% of Oahu's peak demand. On Maui, the Kahulu power plant with an installed capacity of 37.4 MW was retired in 2024.

The company also indicated that in addition to power generation and energy storage, independent power service providers will be sought to recruit customers to supply grid services.

The Hawaiian Power Company’s statement states that “these contractors are power load aggregators that use customer-supplied distributed power, such as water heaters, distributed generation, batteries, and electric vehicle charging, to return the required grid services to utility companies. ”

Participating customers will receive awards in the form of billing credits, and the contractor will receive compensation for processing and payment.

Rosegg said, “The challenge for utility companies is to maintain a stable and reliable operation of the grid. The second phase of the Renewable Power Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks a megawatt-scale fossil fuel power plant. The grid service is now seeking a proposal (RFP) Part of it to help cut and move customer needs."

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