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Ethiopia plans to bid for 500 MW project

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-20
Ethiopia launches 500MW solar energy under the second round of Scaling Solar, led by the World BankTenderFor the project, the first batch of 250MW projects is in the stage of submitting the final bidding plan.


Tender,Photovoltaic project

The Public-Private Partnership for Partnerships (PPP-DG), set up by the Ministry of Finance, issued a pre-qualification request for PV project qualifications on Wednesday. The deadline for submitting requests is May 29, 2019. The next phase of the work involves the issuance of bidding documents to the qualified bidders.

The tender plan applies to four independents located in Weranso, Welencheti, Humera and MekellePhotovoltaic project.

EthiopiaEncourage international bidders to participate in tenders jointly with local private partners.

Earlier this month, PPP-DG issued the tender for the first 250MW project under the Scaling Solar program, requiring 12 pre-qualified bidders to submit a final bidding plan by the end of June.

In Senegal, Zambia and Madagascar, the Scaling Solar program is also very lively.


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