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About communication monitoring issues

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2019-01-04
Can I monitor the MPPT controller from my computer?

A: Yes, by connecting the RS485 communication line, and at the computerInstall PC softwareThe installer is fine. Remarks: About the communication line, we need to purchase our special line;

Where can I get the WiFi connector?APP?
A: You can do the following:
1) There is a QR code download address in the WIFI module manual;
2) Apple IOS can be downloaded and installed by searching MY GREEN SOLAR MONITOR in the App Store; Android mobile phone (outside China) can be downloaded and installed by GOOGLE PLAY search MY GREEN SOLAR MONITOR; Android mobile phone (in China) Tencent application treasure search MY GREEN SOLAR MONITOR download and install ;
3) You can ask for a request from our sales staff;

Can I connect to other controllers to charge the battery?
A: It is not possible to charge the same battery with other manufacturers' MPPT controllers or PWM controllers. If multiple units need to charge the same battery, it is recommended to purchase MPPT controllers that can be combined with each other; for example, our Galaxy, Master, Mars, Explorer, Runner can all be parallel to each other;

Is this a common or a common negative?MPPT controller?
A: The wiser and eSmart series belong to the common positive design, which can be used in common grounding, but must be used under the operation and installation of professionals, otherwise there will be personal safety hazards. Whether the off-grid power generation system has a common positive and negative grounding depends on the design requirements of the project. From the safety point of view, the general system recommends not to use the common anode grounding or the common anode grounding. The general use does not involve this aspect;