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About MPPT charging and battery related issues II

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2019-01-04
Is it possible to set and check whether the battery is in a lead-acid battery or a gel battery?

A: Our company does not care about any type.MPPT controllerConventional battery type (lead acid battery / gel battery / rich liquid battery) can be displayed through the machine LCD orAPP or host computerView and set;

If the main charging voltage is 14.7V, is the charging voltage also 14.7V or other lower voltage?

Answer: When the main charging voltage of the battery is set to 14.7V, the charging voltage of the controller will also be controlled within the range of 14.7V. Through the constant current charging mode CC→constant voltage charging mode CV→floating charging mode CF three stages Charging the battery, the charging voltage is equal to the battery voltage in the constant current charging mode CC, the charging voltage is equal to the set main charging voltage value of 14.7V in the constant voltage charging mode CV, and the charging voltage is equal to the set floating charging voltage value in the floating charging mode CF. Such as 14.5V;

Can the machine charge the golf cart acid battery?

A: Yes, the controller charging parameters are set according to the specific charging parameters of the battery (such as the main charging voltage value and the floating charging voltage value).

Is the parameter that remains set after the machine is turned off and restarted or will it return to the default setting?
A: My driver has a storage function. After the shutdown and restart, the machine still keeps the original settings.

When the solar panel charges the battery through the controller and has a load output, does the energy used by the load come from the solar panel or the battery?

A: Priority is given to the electricity generated by the solar panel. If the solar panel is insufficient, the battery is replenished; for example, if the load needs 50A and the solar panel generates 30A, it needs to be supplemented by 20A from the battery;

What is the minimum PV input voltage? Why is there a situation of repeated "charge-stop-charge-stop-"?

A: Each paragraphMPPT controllerThere is a starting charging voltage point, as long as the PV voltage is higher than the starting charging voltage point, it can be charged. When the PV voltage is lower than the low voltage protection point, charging will stop; if the PV voltage is near the starting point of the charging voltage, it is easy to repeat the charging. - Stop-charge-stop-"Charging status, such as in the morning or evening; if the system is in a strong sunlight, there is also a repeated "charge-stop-charge-stop-" charging condition, then the solar panel working voltage is recommended. Low, need to increase the number of solar panels connected in series;