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2019 New Year's Day

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2019-01-01
With the arrival of the new year, we have to welcome every hope, opportunity and challenge with 2018 and in 2019. Special thanks to you for your support of I-panda in the past year. In the new year, we will provide each customer with excellent products, services and experience.

2019, because of your cheers and encouragement, we are full of confidence; 2019, because of your trust and commitment, we are heart-warming.

Here, I-panda would like to extend the best wishes to you and your friends and relatives.

I-Panda Established in 2007, it is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of inverter, UPS, solar energy, wind energy and other energy power products. The main products include industrial grade inverters, solar inverters,MPPT solar controller, solar power systems, UPS and other energy products. It is a leading manufacturer of inverters in China.