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Australian scientists invented 3D printed solar electric vehicles

According to reports, Australian scientists invented a solar-powered electric vehicle built with 3D printing technology, which can achieve a cruising range of 578 kilometers at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour. If the speed is maintained at 60 kilometers per hour, unlimited driving can be achieved.

This high-tech car can absorb solar energy as a power source, and can store excess energy, so you can drive even without the sun.

The car's designers are going to produce only 100 cars, using very advanced 3D printing technology, so the company only needs to send the car to various manufacturers in the form of mail, and then they can use 3D printing technology to make it. It sounds both sci-fi and convenient.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this car is its power system. It is a solar car. It can travel 578 kilometers at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour during the day. If the speed is maintained at 60 kilometers per hour, it can achieve unlimited driving. Need to worry about the lack of motivation.

But now the company only shows a smaller model car, so now this infinitely driven car has not really been born, it is just a concept, but I believe that in the near future this car will be with everyone. Meet up and truly achieve unlimited driving.

The designer said that the design concept of the car originated from the end, because the car can travel indefinitely without additional energy. In a sense, the car has also made great contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

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