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Why choose solar power?

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2018-12-29
1, reduce costs, summer air conditioning casually open

In the southern part of China, when it is summer, the weather is sultry and unbearable. Every time at this time, it is always upset and sweaty. Even if the wind blown by the fan is hot, many friends are reluctant to turn on the air conditioner. Because the cost of electricity is too high, remember friends. Tucao used a monthly electricity fee of 1,400 yuan. andSolar power plantIt can make the electricity tariff drop drastically. You don't have to worry about the high electricity bill when you turn on the air conditioner. Even the hotter the weather, the stronger the sunlight, the more power you have.

2, companies no longer have to worry about power outages

In places where population is dense and power supply is high, power outages sometimes occur. Whenever there is a power outage, it is a headache for companies. If there is spare power in the factory, it is better to say that some offices in the office can only wait. . Most of the office buildings nowadays are translucent glass walls, that is, the whole building can be transformed into “no dead angle generators”. The huge external wall of the office building gives sufficient power supply capacity, and the power supply for thousands of people is not a problem.

3. More convenient use of electricity in remote areas

Although almost all the villages in our country have electricity, in many places, some people need to go to the forest to see the forest farm. Some people need to travel long distances to graze. Some people need to work in the wild for a long time. These people still can only use candles and oil lamps. The new high-efficiency fluorescent solar power generation device, due to its low cost and small size, is easy to split and carry, and can bring light to people who work long distances away from the power coverage area.

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