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different friendship

I-Panda I-Panda 2015-02-06 17:59:24
A said "I think a true friend is often accompanied me, play and laugh together."
I said  "That is not really true friend."
A said  "That it is.”
When my friends and me were in  fierce debate about true friendship, our manager of MPPT solar controller and UPS inverter marketing department passed by and knew it. He kept silent for a moment and said "I tell you two a story "

In the evening, a sheep playing alone on the hillside. Wolf suddenly sprang from the trees, and desired to eat the sheep. The sheep jump and struggled with angle resist and shouted for help to friends.
Cattle look outside in the woods and found the wolf, and ran away;
Horse looked down and found a wolf, swiftly ran;
Donkey stopped and found it was a wolf, quietly slipped down the hillside;
Pig went through and found the wolf, rushed down the hillside;
A rabbit, it is generally a stone's throw away.
dog heard the cries sheep, rushed to uphill, came from the grass, bite the wolf's neck, call out the wolf in agony, while the dog in ventilation, the wolf escaped away.
When the sheep was home, friends were coming.
Cattle said: how can you not tell me? My horn can gouge out the wolf intestines.
Horse said: how can you not tell me? My hooves can kicking wolf's head.
Donkey said: how can you not tell me? I roar, terrorized wolf bile.
Pig said: how can you not tell me? Yi Gong my mouth, let it fall down the hill
Rabbit said: how can you not tell me? I run fast, it can pass the letter.
In this discussion group, only the dog was no show..

Learning the story, we both found out what is true friendship.