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Fertilize for your dream seed

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2015-02-05
At the morning meeting of MPPT solar controller & inverter marketing department, our manager asked me what I did after work and when I slept yesterday. I told him I just do some reading and slept at 11:30 PM in such cold winter. He told me he studied till 2 AM and during the night he feed his baby and then got up at 6 AM to look after his baby.He has little rest but he is still very powerful for the whole day, which make me very confused. He shared his hortative story which made me very impressive.

During the eastern han dynasty, a young man named sun jing, studied tirelessly and had a little rest, so in the midnight, he napped sleepy easily. In order not to influence the study, sun jing found a rope connecting his hair to the beams of the house. As long as he hanged his head, the rope pulled to make the pain.He would sober up because of the pain, and continued reading. Eventually he became a famous politician.

My manager’s stories make me shamed and took a tumble. Unswerving goal and responsibility  is the passion. As long as we have the unswerving goal, we can find the way to success.

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