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Different father love

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2015-01-31

"Many thanks forthis he like much ans aend a fly kiss to you. "a message from our partnerJorge.

We were deeply touched by the gentle beheavior of the little boy. We werevery happy that we have done a right thing after a long hesitation of the new year gift, a little gift from I-Panda MPPT solarcontroller and inverter marketing department.

We are always the little kids in our fathers' eyes no matter how oldwe are, just like Jorge.

There remind me ofchildhood of Leonardo da Vinci.6 years old, Leonardo da Vinci a lot ofknowledge in school, but he only was interested in painting even painted inclass. After returning home, Leonardo da Vinci shown the painting to hisfather, the father was not only not angry, but praised he painted very well.Finally, the father decided to develop his talent in this area.

It is because hisfather is so enlightened. Leonardo threw himself into favorite paintings, andeven dare to intimidate father with painting.

Famous painterLeonardo da Vinci's father was an admirable good father, his credo trainedchildren's is: giving the greatest freedom to children so that they coulddevelop their own interests.

No matter in whichway our fathers love us, they are always the great love in the world.