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Wielding the badminton racket to sport your cervical

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on:2015-01-30

Doctors suggested that people whoworks and sits in front of the computer for a long time. It is best to stand upto activity the cervical spine every thirty minutes. Also, playing badmintonand swimming can do very good effect for cervical.

Do you do the sports today?

Although it was cold outdoors on thesport time of Thursday, girls of I-Panda MPPT controller and inverter marketingdepartment unabated enthusiasm of campaign. Because there is no gym, the emptyparking lot became our badminton "stadium".

I-Pandagirls divided into 4 groups. In the game, all the players have shownindomitable competitive spirit.

Everygroup had come up with their own special skill. We played more and more widely, there raised a lot cheers.

Some ofmy colleagues shown the studious spirit and become the high hill shoe athletes who areusually elegant ladies.

Some of my colleagues know a shot on a professionallevel. Play not only fast, but accurate and relentless.No wonder, their agileskill are from steady accumulation at ordinary activities.

Whiteballs were flying in the air which was another alive scenery.

The shabby playground was no longer lonely and the winter wasno longer cold, because of the youthful power and harmony happy laughter ofI-Panda girls.