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Role transformation

I-Panda I-Panda 2015-01-05 21:29:09

On Wednesday evening, I-Panda hold a party tocelebrate Chrismas and promote understanding among colleagues at the same time.They are all earnest and rigorous in work usually, but what made us surprisedis that we learned each other casual, free and easy side in daily life throughthis party.

Jim is an engineer, who responsible forthe research and development of the controller.  we could see he and Zoe sang a song of loveand Pas DE deux performance which they are good at. Wonderful performance gotthe continuous  applause. The most amazing performances isJessica's magic show. She just asked me what I want,  I  saidapple then an apple suddenly appeared in her empty hand.

Even my boss Edward, Who lead us to go faster and furtherbased on solid foundation like our father in usually, shows usMichael Jackson's space walk. Unprofessional performances pushed the atmosphereof the party to culmination. Then, Boxing performance was showed. By the way,he used to be a soldier.

Time gone by in our applaud and laughter.

It’s the wise man that could balance the lifeand work. Those people who can flexibly convert into different roles ondifferent occations, to better enjoy the fun of working and living. Moreover,they can perform well in the fields of work and life.