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"Apple" Xmas Eve of I-Panda

I-Panda I-Panda 2014-12-26 17:03:08

Christmas Eve is the special day and the whole family is immersed in thehappiness of the "Merry Xmas & amp; Happyapple day ".

At 7:00 PM, MPPT solar controller and inverter marketing departmertbegan Xmas party. In the beginning, we sang Xmassongs & amp; our famous songs together, hope the songs would pass our bestwishes to all of our friends.

Next all of us get a big Apple as a gift, Xmas Eve is called "ping anye "in Chinese, apple means" peaceful and healthy ", which is also calledpeaceful fruit. Apple is the special gift of I-Panda family, which brought usthe best wishes for the new year.

Lucky draw is themost exciting moment, we got awish card on the gift box We wrote down our new year wishes As long as they were drawn from the lucky draw box, I -.. Panda would helpto achieve Xmas wishes.

Final activity issinging. Gorgeous Xmas colour, happy Xmas song, and bright smiling face filled thewhole I-Panda family.

Late at night, we hung up the socks and fellinto the dream quietly, Santa Claus were coming and left his gifts ... Merry Xmas& Amp; Happy new year!