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Behavior is determined by the thinking

I-Panda I-Panda 2015-01-09 17:33:21

Every working day morning, our foreigntrade department recites the rules of excellent staff of I-Panda,and one is “Behavior is determined by the thinking” impresses medeeply. But sometimes facing life and work, I have not yet reached my ownrequirements.

Actually, my performance of this monthwas not as good as last month, which made me a little upset. I tried to findout what the real problem is, but failed. I asked my manager Grace for helpfinally.

”What is your goal and whatdo you want? Have you ever worked or studied late untill late at night? Do youremenber your feeling at that monment?” She said.

“Yes, that was in the school for won thechampion of the National English Contest For College Students. I have learnedfrom afternoon until late at night, forgot to eat and shower. My idea was thatto get things done. I felt a sence of happy and achivement instead of exhaustionand unwillingness.” I answered.

“Okay, why didn't have this kind ofperseverance and feeling in the company? Do you really open your heart into ourdaily lives and job yet? Do you make progress step by step?” she asked.

I think I know how to donext. Target firm, down-to-earth, persistence...