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I-Panda Dream Tree

I-Panda I-Panda 2014-12-16 14:13:01

“Thanks for yourconsiderate and warm hospitality. Hope we can have further cooperation.” Thisis a note from my client Joel, who cooperated with us for 5 years, on I-PandaDream Tree. When he saw this Tree during his visit in I-Panda last month, heasked a note to put these words on it.

What is a DreamTree and its meaning?

On the ReceptionRoom, there is a wall which draws a big tree. The Green Tree is full of littlepaper notes. They just like colorful leaves on the tree.

On little papernotes, there writes wishes on work, life, family, friends and so on. It is atree loaded I-Panda family member’s dream. When we saw this tree, it reminds usthe direction that we should go towards.

On this tree, wecan receive dreams from every member. For example:

“To get a goal ofUSD2000,000 amount in 2014” This if from one of sales Randy.

“To help herfamily to build a beautiful house in 2014.” From Tracy.

“To buy a car andget his family have a visit in China.” From Owen.

“To develop moregood MPPT charge controllers and inverters in 2015.” This is a note from ourengineer Dave.

Many dreams havebeen realized. On this dream tree, write down your dreams. With your desire torealize it, you will get team power to support you to finish the dream. Therewill be more dreams to be realized in the near future.