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Learning and Summary

  • Author:I-Panda
  • Source:I-PANDA
  • Release on:2014-12-08
Currently, some new colleagues joinedI-Panda Family. For the every new colleagues, I-Panda would have 3 months MPPTsolar controller and inverter products trainning. Every new colleague was veryhard to learn the products everyday. After the products exam, to our surprise, thereare two hard working girls getting the different scores. One got the lowestscores. The other got the champion of this exam.The failing girl became verysad and lost confidence, finally she wanted to give up the job. The newcolleagues team didn’t want to lose anyone, so they decided to help her withteam power, they discussed and helped to find out her failing reasons. Also thechampion girl shared her excellent exprience that she was very strictly to herselfin the liminted planned time. What’s more, she had her own suitable method tofinish her duty very efficiently.

Actually, I have thesame disadvantages as the failing girl in the exam. The reason why I can notfinish the plan is that I still did not get my own method. At work, we can notjust work hard in our own world and we need to observe carefully and learn fromother humbly. We need to live with team power. Every teammate is our mirror,they can point out our disadvantages, and we should  summary ourself and grow up constantly.