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Successful interpersonal model

I-Panda I-Panda 2014-12-05 15:17:18

Successful interpersonal model --I-Panda Alice
Alice Chow is the most cheerful, most enthusiastic, most famous bember of I-Panda Family. Wednesday night she shared us the lesson of successful relationships and communication.

Alice shared a lot of successful interpersonal stories. As the originator of the famous American human relations Dale Carnegie once said: the role of expertise in a person's success in only 15%, while the remaining 85% depends on relationships. RuiMin Zhang ever shared his successful experience”interpersonal relationship,interpersonal relationship,interpersonal relationship.I realized that success is inseparable from the interpersonal relationship, the individual alone is not enough.

Alice Chow taught us how to have good interpersonal and communication, her experience is to leave a good impression instantaneous: decent dress and gentle smile. After her lesson, I finally understand why she has good interpersonal relationships.
Besides decent dress and sunny smile, Alice also has many other good virtues.
She was always treat others full of joy and passion, hard working and very happy to help colleagues no matter for life or work, she is the first one to help other in trouble. In addition, Alice shares us with funny  jokes, always brings the joy to our busy lives, we are very fond of her.

Alice is a model example of successful communication. I'll try best to learn from her. Motives life, hard work. There I-Panda, there sunshine and joy, there MPPT solar controller & UPS inverter.