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I-panda Foreign Trade Department Activities

I-Panda I-Panda 2014-11-29 11:02:11
Recently the weather looks very good, our foreign trade department organized a hike activity on this weekend to challenge Shenzhen highest mountain---Wutong Mountain.

Early in the morning we start off with happy and excited mood, When arrived at mountain foot we started doing warm-up exercises for stretching, avoided to easily broken leg, knee and other body part muscle. Whatever we do, we should make a fully preparation, climbing mountain as well.

We started off after warm-up exercises. What terrible is after 30 minutes my chest feel like stuff up and feel dizzy, this feeling is really very bad , at that moment i had a idea to give up, at meantime i was thinking that it will influence the activity to successfully finish if i give up. My partner always stayed with me and encouraged me, finally i decided to stick to it. Everything is hard in the beginning, climbing mountain as well.

Through insisting about 5 hours we reached the mountaintop, at this moment, we are proud of ourself for successfully conquer Shenzhen highest mountain, we shouts broke out in the mountaintop.

Through this hike activity let me understand something, when you want to give up, you should consider that maybe because of your abandon will influence your whole team, i also felt the power from team. What's more, the beginning maybe is difficult, but we just insist our initial belief that want to success, we will defeat everything.