About Us
Found in July, 2007.1-Panda is a professional manufacturer of new energy products.We specialize in car inverter,industrial inverter, solar/wind inverter, MPPT solar charge controller, solar/wind generating system, UPS and so on.Our products have passed the international certifications of TUV, CE, FCC, CB, CSA, and successfully used for powersecurity service in national key projects including high-speed rail, metro, CCTV mobile control room, 2010Guangzhou Asian Games and 2011 Shenzhen Universiade etc. They are used to the fields of electricity, fire fighting,transportation, finance, construction, and widely exported to over two hundred countries and area, mainly inEurope, Asia, America, Oceania, Africa.
Off-grid Solar System Configuration
Average Sunshine Hour(according to the local average sunshine time)
Rated Power W Load Working Time Hours/Day
Continuous Rainy Day Day Rainy Days Interval Day
Battery Voltage V Discharge Depth %
Conversion Rate % Load Working Power (max)/Inverter Rated Power %
Conversion Rate % Solar Array Power /MPPT Controller Rated Power %
Load Required Power Generation(Per Day) WH
Total Power W
Nominal Voltage V Capacity AH
Full Charge Time Hour Sustainable Working Hour
DC Input Voltage V Rated Power (Min) W
Controller Voltage V Rated Current (Min) A

Solar Array Connection
Rated Power W Expected Distri. Ratio % Total Power W
Rated Power W Voc V Vmpp V
Single Cell V Series Number PCS Battery Pack Volt V
Max. Input Voc V
Number Of Solar Panels PCS
Min. Series No. PCS  Parallel No. PCS
Solar Panels PCS Actual Distri. Ratio %
Max. Series No. PCS Parallel No. PCS
Solar Panels PCS Actual Distri. Ratio %
Optimal Series No. PCS Parallel No. PCS
Solar Panels PCS Actual Distri. Ratio %
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2. Above data is for reference only.
FAQs More
What certification has passed the quality of our products?
A: Our products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, CB, CCC
How to ensure and monitor the quality of the product?
A: Our company has established a complete quality control system, strictly in accordance with the quality system ISO9001:2008 and the environmental system ISO14001 to implement quality management; our quality system ISO9001:2008 certificate code is: CHIN/TW/QMS/00119; environmental system ISO14001 certificate Coded as: CHIN/TW/EMS/00028;
Product ordering process? And custom product ordering process?
Answer: 1) Regular product ordering process: customer inquiry-->confirm customer request-->quote-->reconfirm customer request-->receive sample fee-->customer confirmation prototype-->PO/PI-- >Receipt Gold-->Production-->Customer Inspection-->Receipt Balance-->Shipping-->Service
2) Customized product ordering process: Customer requests -> Our sales team and customers jointly evaluate whether the customized products have market prospects--> Our R&D team evaluation plan is feasible--> Our R&D team evaluates the development cycle and Fee-->quote-->reconfirm customer request-->receive sample fee-->customer confirmation prototype-->PO/PI-->receipt deposit-->production-->customer inspection-->receive balance --> Delivery --> Service
I-Panda does the OEM process for customers?
A: The customer needs to provide the brand authorization letter; and our company implements the confidentiality system, strictly confidentializes the cooperation relationship between our company and the customer, and the customized products are not sold to third parties;