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Who will be the leader of solar charge controller? PWM? MPPT?

  • Author:Tracy
  • Source:Foreign trade sector
  • Release on:2014-12-01
It is well-know that solar charge controller is very important part in solar power generation system, therefore equip a good controller is necessary.

There are common solar charge controller, PWM solar charge controller and MPPT solar charge controller in the market. At the moment, common solar charge controller have been obsoleted,  PWM solar controller was widely used in the market, recently years with the MPPT solar charge controller launched, it has gained users wide favor and.

PWM solar charge controller adopt second technology and Pulse-Width Modulation control way, compared with common solar controller it can solve the problem that battery can not full charge.But the efficiency just reach 75%~85%, solar panel wasn't used completely. So third technology named mppt technology was launched. MPPT indicate maximum power point tracking, which can real-time to inspect solar penal voltage and current and constantly track the max.power (P=U*I), always charge the battery with max.power point, the efficiency up to 95%~99%. And can effectively manager the battery through three-stage charge the battery, fast (mppt) charge, constant voltage, floating charge. What's more, combined with market demand, mppt solar charge controller add more functions, DC 12v/24v/48v system auto work, wide range PV input voltage, battery type selectable, with DC output, RS232 communication port, LCD display etc.

Above all, who will be the main trend in the future market, MPPT or PWM?