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Sunpreme to accommodate 6.35MW of solar panels in Cape Cod

Sunpreme, a US-based solar PV architecture and accomplishment company, will accommodate 6.35MW of solar panels for American Capital Energy's projects in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, MA, a lot of of which will be on landfill sites.

"We called Sunpreme solar panels because of the avant-garde technology, their able-bodied reliability, an accomplished amount and their absolute abstruse solution," said Eric McLean, P.E., controlling carnality admiral of operations, American Capital Energy.

Most of Sunpreme’s GX300 panels will be installed aloft covered landfills and the activity produced will be “fed into the bounded filigree with the net metering account traveling to the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC) and its affiliate communities”.

Surinder S. Bedi, controlling carnality admiral for bazaar development, systems architecture and all-around superior at Sunpreme said their solar panels accept already been certified to bear the a lot of acute ecology conditions, and “we apprehend this 6.35MW arrangement to authenticate top activity achievement with no ablaze induced degradation, lower LCOE and able-bodied believability over the next 25 years".

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