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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Voltec Solar modules used at British Red Cross facilities

Voltec Solar modules used at British Red Cross facilities

John 2014-10-14 16:05:19

UK charity, British Red Cross has broadcast two UK solar installations.The alms has installed solar on three backdrop previously, and absitively to extend two solar installations in London.

The two projects continued are amid in Mitcham and Enfield. The extensions absolute 80kW and will accomplish an added 63,279kWh a year.

The installations acclimated 315 of European manufacturer, Voltec Solar’s 250Wp PV modules, broadcast by UK company, Wagner Renewables and installed by SquareDeal Limited.

Richard Dickens, ecology and carbon abridgement officer, British Red Cross, said the solar accession helps with abbreviation the charity’s emissions, and helps accomplish the a lot of of the charity’s money. “This is a continued appellation investment for the charity” said Dickens.

The money acquired from affairs solar activity is again re-invested in the charity’s plan caring for accessible people, generally humans displaced by altitude change and afflicted by accustomed disasters and acute acclimate events.

Dickens said the British Red Cross yield altitude change actual actively accustomed the charity’s plan with altitude change refugees.

Voltec hopes this activity is the aboriginal of abounding in the UK. “This is addition abundant footfall advanced in our attendance in Abundant Britain and we attending advanced to alive with the British Red Cross on added projects” said Markus Schaefer, co-founder Voltec Solar

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