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Enphase Energy's public benefit activities

john 2014-09-28 09:49:33
Enphase Energy donate microinverter systems to non-profits in US

Leading microinverter firm, Enphase Activity is to accord up to 100 micro inverters and 25 ‘Envoy’ advice aperture accessories for baby educational PV systems at about 25 schools in the US, this year.

The aggregation has partnered with the Brian D. Robertson Memorial Solar Schools Fund (BDR Fund), which completed the aboriginal collective BDR Fund-Enphase PV accession in April 2014 at the Josephine Locke Elementary School in city Chicago.

Overall, the BDR Fund was said to accept completed 21 installations and had an added 35 projects in the pipeline.

"Enphase believes educating the accessible about solar is acute to the success of the arising apple-pie activity economy," said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase. "We are appreciative to accomplice with the BDR Fund, which does a admirable job of putting solar in the classroom, both as an educational apparatus and a antecedent of apple-pie power."