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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > US solar firms get profit from OPIC loan plan

US solar firms get profit from OPIC loan plan

2014-09-27 11:07:16
The Overseas Clandestine Investment Corporation (OPIC) has issued its aboriginal blooming guaranties to US investors to aback climate-friendly projects, with US solar firms accepted to benefit.

OPIC, the US government’s development accounts agency, is alms the debt beneath the agreement of the 2014 Blooming Bond Principles, which were fatigued up by the banking area in accord with ecology NGOs.

OPIC blooming guaranties adjourned US$47 actor of the US$230 actor the bureau is accouterment to Aboriginal Solar for the Luz del Norte activity in Chile.

“The alms of OPIC’s aboriginal blooming guaranties is a cogent milestone. This underscores commitments fabricated by both OPIC and the US Government appear acclamation the all-around claiming of altitude change,” said Elizabeth Littlefield, admiral and CEO, OPIC. “This is the affectionate of innovative, impactful costs that has helped accumulate this bureau active and able over the accomplished four decades as the apple of development accounts has been apace evolving."

OPIC said it would abide to analyze renewable activity projects that adhered to the Blooming Bond Principles that blooming guaranties could be offered on.

The guaranties are finer government-backed bonds that will now be offered on the calm US debt markets. The consistent accounts will be fatigued from the clandestine sector. OPIC operates at no amount to taxpayers. It’s investment action is accumbent to US adopted action and money is allocated so as to addition the attendance of US companies in arising markets.

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