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Japanese companies launched unmanned flying robot Services for the photovoltaic power plant

  • Author:Randy
  • Release on:2014-09-17
Japan Comprehensive garrison protect company on September 12 announced that it will begin the use of unmanned flying robots to provide services for one million watts of photovoltaic power plants. Service is scheduled to begin in April 2015 to provide, but for existing customers, began offering a trial service from October 2014 .

Because it has confirmed that the unmanned aerial pictures from flying robots are able to get useful for megawatt-scale PV power plant maintenance and management of information, so it will start related services.

As as covering a wider level megawatt photovoltaic power plant over the photographic method, previously it was commissioned aerial survey companies, but the high cost issues exist.

The use of unmanned flying robot from aerial photography, aerial pictures can not only reduce the cost of shooting, but also helps to select land for construction, construction progress of management, in a short time found that solar panels producing hot (due to battery failure plates resulting in lower part of the heat generation phenomenon) and other failures.