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British developer signed with the United States sPower utility-scale PV projects

  • Author:Randy
  • Release on:2014-09-17
British developer signed with the United States sPower utility-scale PV projects

British developer CamborneCapital and American solar investors sPower recently signed an agreement to carry out public utility-scale projects in the UK.

Both sides expressed their commitment to the project based on the British Open three PV support programs, "deploying a large number of assets."

It will seek to adopt in March 2015 to more than 5MW solar power plant off renewable energy responsibility programs, their substitutes CFDs (CfD) auction, and applies only to the following tariff subsidies 5MW project (FiT).

sPower CEO Ryan Creamer (RyanCreamer) said: "The formation of a strategic alliance with the Camborne, allowing us to use their position as a trusted development partners, and further development of renewable energy for the UK to contribute to electricity generation . "

CamborneEnergyGroup CEO Declan Michael (DeclanMackle) said: "We believe sPower is the best strategic partner in the experienced and well-respected leadership success of its proven track record, coupled with its order to obtain UK. and North American market share of active and well-funded program, the foundation will be laid with a good mix of Camborne. said we are optimistic about the possibility can not be overemphasized. "

SunEdison founder Gigue · Sand (JigarShah) assigned to sPower Board last month.