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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Solartech investing US$16.2 in Malaysian solar panel producer

Solartech investing US$16.2 in Malaysian solar panel producer

2014-09-17 10:44:40

Taiwan-based solar corpuscle producer, Solartech Energy is advance about US$16.2 actor in Malaysia-based solar corpuscle producer, TS Solartech Sdn Bhd, a accessory of Tek Seng Holdings Bhd.

Solartech Energy said in a contempo TWSE banking filing that it had active a announcement of cooperation with TS Solartech that would become a cardinal accord in the accumulation of solar cells.

The aggregation said the investment would aswell chronicle to the amplification of multi crystalline solar corpuscle accumulation with the acquirement of accumulation equipment.

Before the Solartech Energy agreement, TS Solartech had affairs to aggrandize solar corpuscle accumulation to 640MW by 2015, which would cover 8 accomplishment lines. Currently, TS Solartech is currently operating a individual accumulation line, bearing 26,000 solar beef per day.

According to Solartech Energy, the cardinal accord was advised to aggrandize its sales in the Southeast Asia region.

However, Solartech Energy like added Taiwan-based solar corpuscle producers accept had sales impacted by the US anti-dumping case with sales falling from almanac peaks in the aboriginal allotment of the additional quarter.

Producers such as Neo Solar Power accept said that it was because across accumulation to abstain duties. Companies are aswell searching at accretion sales to Japan, a key bazaar for abounding producers as Japanese manufacturers such as Sharp abide to outsource wafer, corpuscle and bore accumulation to accommodated appeal and absolute basic expenditure.

Malaysia had been articular as a abeyant destination for Taiwan producers due to the authorize accumulation chain, which supports both baby bounded producers as able-bodied as the brand of Hanwha Q CELLS and Panasonic.

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