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Price become the most important photovoltaic industry "barometer."

  • Author:Grace
  • Release on:2014-09-16
Photovoltaic price index based on a wealth of data collected daily market centers, covering 80% of the PV industry chain of sample data. Collection of years of market research experience, the price index may directly reflect price trends of various products on the photovoltaic industry chain, including polysilicon, wafers, cells, components and auxiliary price changes a week, and be published every Friday .

Emma said, this price index from April 1, 2014 to begin collecting data, and to May 30 as the benchmark index. We hope that this authoritative and accurate price index photovoltaic solar energy become a must-see those data every day, just as weather forecasting in general, the price trend in the PV industry as a whole has become a "barometer."

"From the present data, beginning this year in April, the price index is always in photovoltaic downward trend, prices have stability maintenance in August and September have bottomed flip rise" Emma explained to reporters.

According to reports, this price index free and open to the photovoltaic industry and brokerage institutions, thus allowing for more timely understanding of the industry and track daily price movements, while providing convenience for corporate purchasing and pricing schemes.

The current wave of strikes big data change the fate of many industries, products price index will become the benchmark prices to help companies predict future price trends, the data provide strong support for the enterprise market research and business decisions.