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Polysilicon does not blindly expand

In view of the previous trade remedy measures for South Korea and the United States and the EU solar-grade polysilicon, the import of polysilicon under processing trade in China has surged.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will ban the import of solar-grade polysilicon from tariffs from September 1. The measure is in response to a US, European and Korean polysilicon import. This is another big move after the ruling on the import of solar-grade polysilicon in the United States and South Korea in 2013. As soon as the news was released, the market responded immediately.

    The next day, the world's largest polysilicon producer, the share price of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, soared more than 6%. Investors generally interpret this new policy as China's anti-dumping measures against foreign polysilicon within the framework of the WTO rules, which is the protection of the domestic solar-grade polysilicon industry. However, this move did not block the sales of foreign polysilicon manufacturers in China, but also left a "back door". If it is a processing trade method to import polysilicon raw materials and then export photovoltaic products, it can evade punitive tariffs.

    Contracts that have been approved by the Ministry of Commerce before September 1 will be allowed to run. Some experts said that the photovoltaic solar market has improved slightly in the first half of the year, but this trend is not clear. The export recovery may be related to “the time for related companies to rush to avoid new trade frictions”. The whole industry is still full of uncertainty. Polysilicon production enterprises must be rationally treated. The market for releasing imports to domestic enterprises is limited in scale, and must not be blindly expanded, resulting in overcapacity and vicious competition.

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