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Global solar panels for the first time in eight years will face a shortage

According to Bloomberg News, thephotovoltaic industry is facing a looming global shortage of solar panels, whichwill be reversed global overcapacity caused by two years of industry malaise.

Previously, solar panel oversupply pushedprices continue to decline, making solar power more competitive and attractinvestors into the solar power market. However, it also makes a lot ofbusinesses into bankruptcy trouble, investment funds wander outside the gate ofthis industry with hesitation.

However, this situation will now bereversed. It is reported that the demand for solar panels is expected toincrease about 29 percent this year. This industry will usher the first gapsince 2006.

Some companies are further expandingproduction. Canadian Solar CEO Shawn Qu believes that the solar industry is acyclical industry, the industry is now approaching an inflection point.