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Technology is the weapon for photovoltaic inverters to occupy the market

In recent years, China's PV industry has gradually recovered, but it is still difficult to carry out. The endless demand for shopping has become the most difficult period for Chinese PV companies.For the entire industryThe hidden dangers buried.

For a long time, the demand for photovoltaic products in the national policy of photovoltaic power plants is increasing, while the cost of power plant construction and operation is relatively low. In order to earn more profits, many companies directly purchase raw materials, then assemble drawings, blindly pursue production quantities, regardless of the capital investment of the seminars on photovoltaic products, lack of innovation ability, resulting in the goods themselves are not competitive. Solar companies have also entered a product that is so backward that it only has a dead end and low-end production.

In the environment of industrial recovery, the future number of installed solar homes will make progress, and domestic PV companies will face more intense competition. How to get out of the messy current situation of photovoltaic products in the mall and maintain healthy behavior The photovoltaic industry has become a common problem for domestic PV companies.

How to gradually improve the ability of innovation, CMIC believes that PV companies need to be determined, always the skills to be discussed first, even in the face of big difficulties, still make money for innovation. In addition, the government should formulate sound policies that oppose the realization of different commodities must be preferential or rewarding, as photovoltaic companies become more and more useful for the implementation of scientific supervision. In addition, a research team was established to conduct a careful inspection and certification. Until the merchandise is beautiful, talented companies have a foothold in the big wave of sand type, China's photovoltaic industry can have a healthy and great launch.

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