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Latest solar panel information

John 2014-07-29 10:29:07

As an emerging environmentally friendly energy source, solar energy is now increasing in our daily lives.

In order to ensure energy conversion efficiency and hardware life, solar panels need to maintain a relatively low temperature during operation. However, active cooling (such as the use of ventilation) is not a good solution. Because on the one hand, the active cooling method consumes energy, the cost is high, and on the other hand, it interferes with the solar panel to effectively absorb light.

In order to solve this problem, scientists at Stanford University recently invented a new type of solar panel that can reflect infrared rays through the surface of a miniature triangular pyramid structure, allowing the visible light to generate more energy while self-cooling. Scientists say that although the solar panels are theoretically perfect, they still need to be tested further outdoors. Although the technology is still in the development stage, if it can be finally commercialized, it is believed that it will be beneficial to the application of solar technology in more fields.

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