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PV market worldwide market center forward from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region

  • Author:Randy
  • Release on:2014-06-25
From the world's major PV market share trends from 2010 to 2018 can be seen in the center of the global market is gradually shifted from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region over the next five years, the Asia-Pacific market accounted for a global market share will remain at 50% down, this share mainly from the contribution of China, Japan, India and Thailand, the Asia-Pacific countries.

Status of the Chinese market in 2014 will be further consolidated and is expected to reach 14GW. National Energy Board released the 2014 new PV installed capacity target of 14GW, including photovoltaic 8GW and 6GW distributed ground station. With the approval of the provinces of the ground station projects have been approved, the ground station construction will be started in the second quarter, to promote a new round of China's PV market development. On the other hand, the progress of distributed solar projects by some uncertain factors. First, the existence of a long-term end-user distributed generation consumptive uncertainty; Second, the property is unknown risks exist after the completion of the distributed power plants; Third, limited resources suitable for the development of distributed rooftop power station.