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Solar PV module shipments are expected to increase by 30% in 2014

  • Author:John
  • Release on:2014-07-08
2014 component supply can support 50GW of PV industry demand

NPD Solarbuzz Shanghai Office, May 20, 2014 -- According to NPD Solarbuzz's component tracking quarterly report, Module Tracker Quarterly shows that the top 20 component suppliers in the PV industry's component shipment guidance in 2014 increased on average compared to the previous year. More than 30%. Among them, leading Chinese component suppliers Trina Solar, Artes, Suihui and Jingke have the largest growth in shipping guidelines, with the upper limit exceeding 40%. In the recent announcement of the 2014 first quarter earnings report, these vendors indicated that the 2014 full-year component shipment guidance will remain unchanged.

NPD Solarbuzz senior analyst Lian Rui said: "The top 20 component suppliers account for two-thirds of global component shipments, and they are the benchmark for industry growth and price trends. If leading component suppliers The expected growth rate can be achieved, and the supply of solar modules will be close to 50GW in 2014."

2014 Solar PV Module Supplier Shipment Growth Guide

In 2014, Yingli gave the highest level of component shipments, with an upper limit of 4.2 GW. Achieving this level of shipment will enable Yingli to maintain its number one component shipment for the third consecutive year.

Japan's leading supplier of crystalline silicon components, Sharp and Kyocera, are expected to increase component shipments by approximately 15% in 2014, reflecting the continued growth of the Japanese PV market. The two have a major market share in the Japanese domestic market, although one of them has already outsourced most of its component production.

Lian Rui added: "In 2014, in addition to strong growth in component shipments, the top 20 component suppliers will also increase their profit margins, mainly due to lower production costs and capital expenditures on new plants. cautious."

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