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What is the warranty for the inverter?

the Internet 2019-01-24 11:33:13

To strengthenPhotovoltaicIndustry management, guiding the industry to accelerate transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's photovoltaic industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Regulations for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Industry (2015)" (hereinafter referred to as "Standard Conditions"), from the production layout With the establishment of the project, production scale and process technology, comprehensive utilization of resources and energy consumption, environmental protection, quality management, safety and health and social responsibility, supervision and management, the photovoltaic industry has clearly put forward "more stringent" requirements.

In terms of production layout and project establishment, the “Regulations” pointed out that strict control of new photovoltaic manufacturing projects that simply expand production capacity. Newly built and rebuilt and expanded projects that are necessary to strengthen technological innovation and reduce production costs shall be reported to the competent department of the industry and the competent investment department for the record. Newly built and renovated photovoltaic manufacturing projects with a minimum capital ratio of 20%.

The "Regulations" require that photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises should have independent research and development institutions, technical centers or high-tech enterprises above the provincial level. The annual cost for research and development and process improvement is not less than 3% of total sales and not less than 10 million. yuan.

In terms of comprehensive utilization of resources and energy efficiency, the “Regulations” require photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises and project land to comply with the land use standards that have been issued by the state, strictly protect cultivated land, save intensive land use, and reduce water waste. The water recycling rate of polysilicon projects is not less than 95%; the water consumption of silicon wafer projects is less than 1400 tons/million; the water consumption of battery projects is less than 1700 tons/MW.

At the same time, the "Regulations" also require that the construction and renovation of photovoltaic manufacturing projects should strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system, and projects that have not passed the environmental impact assessment approval shall not start construction. Exhaust gas and wastewater discharge shall comply with national and local atmospheric and water pollutant discharge standards and total amount control requirements; enterprises are encouraged to pass ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO14064 greenhouse gas certification, and PAS2050/ISO/TS14067 carbon footprint certification.

In terms of quality management, battery and battery component manufacturers should be equipped with key testing equipment such as AAA-level solar simulators and high-low temperature environmental test chambers to encourage enterprises to build laboratories with CNAS accreditation; the quality of photovoltaic products should comply with relevant national standards. The state approves the certification of the relevant certification body; the service life of the component is not less than 25 years, and the warranty period is not less than 10 years.InverterThe warranty period is not less than 5 years.

In addition, the "Regulations" have detailed provisions on safety, health and social responsibility. Enterprises should establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety, strengthen the education and training of workers' safety production and the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and carry out safety production standardization and reach the third level. the above.

The "Conditions and Conditions" also show that the announcement of the following conditions will be revoked: the information is falsified; the refusal to accept supervision and inspection; the failure to maintain regulatory requirements; the occurrence of major safety and pollution liability accidents; violation of laws, regulations and National industrial policy regulations.

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